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What do you want to be when you grow up? Helena our Property Housing Officer tells all.

Who would have said that in my mid 40’s (ok late 40’s) that I’d be working in housing? Well definitely not me! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say ‘I want to be a housing officer when I grow up’ and I certainly didn’t say that. I wanted to join the army but that […]
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Why we do what we do? Property Management Officer, Sophie, on how she got into a career in Housing

Working in Housing wasn’t an automatic choice when thinking about my career path at a young age. After finishing my undergraduate degree I had mostly been working in customer service jobs. Early on I had decided I wanted to work with people but more particularly I wanted to help people who most needed it. I […]
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Practically Perfect Partners – In Every Way

Just a year ago we started working with a new contractor to complete our re-let works on our temporary accommodation stock. What were we looking for?  Top of the list; value for money, experienced workforce, high standards and local.  Each time one of our properties are empty it costs circa £1500 to get it back […]
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The Reality Series – to evict or not to evict

Part of our role is regrettably evicting clients when requested by the local authority if they do not engage with the move on process from our temporary accommodation. We were asked to evict a single parent family with three small children as the mother had failed to engage with the council regarding her housing situation […]
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Universal Credit: Working it Out!

It’s a Truth Universally Acknowledged that anyone working in housing is fast becoming acquainted with the rigours and rewards of Universal credit: Full Service. Our Staff attended a very informative and helpful training session this week run by Citizen Advice. There has been a lot of negative press relating to Universal Credit.  Sure it is […]
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The Reality Series: Challenging Stereotypes

The valleys. A great place to live, lovely sense of community, beautiful scenery and some great affordable houses. Although most homeless issues are reported in the media refer to large cities and towns, unfortunately the South Wales Valleys also has an issue with homelessness. Although properties are more affordable it does not mean that everyone […]
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