A Day in the Life of one of our Property Management Officers


I’m Sophie and I’m a Property Management Officer for Calon Residential Leasing. One of the key things in my role is going out and speaking to landlords who are interested in leasing their properties on our scheme. Some of them hear about us from our marketing and other times it’s just good old fashioned word of mouth. Yesterday I met two landlord at their properties to see if they were interested in leasing their property with us.

The first one was actually next door to the property we currently lease. He said he was always impressed with the condition of the property and the tenants in there were lovely and no trouble. Unfortunately he had some difficulty with a previous tenant. After carrying out some improvement work to the property he is now looking for a way to rent his property without the hassle. Our guaranteed rent and in house maintenance service certainly caught his eye. We are hopefully looking to start the lease at the beginning of July. This will provide a four bed property in an in demand area of Cardiff for a family in need.

The second landlord I met was a familiar face as we currently lease a few of his properties at the moment. He now has another 2 bedroom property that he would like to put on the scheme. He previously had a long term tenant occupying the property and our rolling lease with no fees can provide him the same security has having another long term tenant in there. Hopefully this property should be ready in the next couple of months.

Whatever a landlord’s reasons may be we are here to help. If you would like to find out more then please get in touch. I will happily come and meet landlords at the properties if that is easier. I always look forward to meeting prospective landlords who are interested in using their property to help a family in need. Drop me a line on 02920434473 or email me on

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