Who are we?

Homelessness is still a major issue for local authorities, where demand for homes far exceeds the supply. Part of Cadwyn Housing Association – a registered social landlord with over 50 years’ experience – Calon Residential Leasing focuses purely on providing temporary accommodation for homeless families and individuals referred to us by the Local Authorities we work with. To provide this scheme we work in partnership with private landlords and partner housing associations to ensure a wide spread of properties across the local authority areas we serve. We currently manage in excess of 330 properties across Cardiff, Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil. This innovative scheme earned us the Trailblazer Award at the Cymorth Cymru Promoting Independence awards in 2014.

Meet The Team

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    About Vicki

    Responsible for strategy, directing and overseeing the operations.  If she didn’t do this job she’d be a florist.

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    Assistant Manager

    About Louise

    Ensures day to day operations run smoothly.  She has two cats, Freya and Jinx.

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    Property Management Officer

    About Helena

    Deals with all aspects of tenancy management and builds productive relationships with partner agencies.   She is a master baker.

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    Property Management Officer

    About Sophie

    Delivers our comprehensive property and housing management service to all.  Her super power would be to always be lucky.


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    Property Management Administrator

    About Sharon

    Office anchor! First point of contact and makes sure all admin is delivered on time.    Loves a podcast, is tea obsessed and keeps us laughing in the office.

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    Income Officer

    About Chelsea

    Maximises rental income for our customers and makes sure our landlords get paid. She once Camper-vanned across New Zealand.

Latest News


  • Rachel Bridger, Landlord

    I’m very happy and satisfied with your swift and helpful nature in dealing with renting my property . I cannot fault your attentiveness in this matter. This is the second property you’ve helped me to rent and feel assured our relationship will continue due to your great team.

  • Taff Housing Association, Partner

    Taff Housing Association has worked with Calon for a number of years on the provision of temporary accommodation. We have consistently found them to be very responsive and professional when we have worked together on community safety and ASB.   They are always helpful and keen to tackle issues when they arise

  • Blaenau Gwent Council, Partner

    Calon has shown immense energy and enthusiasm to support  Blaenau Gwent Council, to meet local housing need, by delivering a private sector leasing solution that makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

  • United Welsh, Partner

    United Welsh are pleased to be working in partnership with Calon to deliver temporary accommodation solutions within Cardiff and Blaenau Gwent. Through working together we have been able to provide high quality accommodation and strong support to homeless households.

  • , Landlord

    As a landlord, I am very happy and satisfied with your swift and helpful nature in dealing with renting my property. I cannot fault your attentiveness in this matter. This is the second property you have helped me to rent and feel assured our symbiotic relationship will continue due to your great team

  • , Tenant

    I had a very positive experience with Calon, they helped me get back into work when the benefit cap came into effect, I felt motivated again to get back into to work, Calon got me a work experience placement where I was answering phones and I felt confident again after being out of work for 6-7 years.  All the staff I dealt with was very helpful, even now after I have moved onto my permanent home I wish I was still with Calon.  The property I had was well maintained and ideal for my large family.

  • , Tenant

    This is the first home in have had in 7years and when I walk through the door I feel like I am at home. I only wish I could stay at this property. The area is lovely and I have got to know my neighbours who are all really nice. My experience with Calon as a landlord has been brilliant as they have given me a new lease of life.

  • Ramon Selvakumaran, Landlord

    Leasing my property with Calon couldn't have been more straight forward.   There was a clear process to checking the property was ready to be handed over and a quick admin team working behind the scenes to make that happen as soon as I was ready. It makes financial sense for me to lease my property with Calon and furthermore, interacting with the staff at Calon has shown me their authentic desire to impact society in a positive way. A win-win situation.

  • Fanta Ndoeka, Tenant

    Not every Temporary Accommodation property is as good as this, I never had any problems.    The whole Calon team were wonderful, the property was lovely and I hope now I move to permanent my new home and landlord will be just as good.

  • Catrin Edwards, Landlord

    I think one of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to place an empty house, very much in need of a tenant, in the hands of Calon. Finding a home has become increasingly difficult for many people. I was very glad to see (the new tenant) starting to find their feet, settling into the property and being helped to do so by Calon employees, with kindness and sensitivity.