Bank Holiday Gardening Tips

bank holiday gardening

With the happy coincidence of National Gardening Week, as well as heading into a Bank Holiday weekend, it seemed an opportune time to write about the wonderful world of gardens!  Whether you have a window box or your lawn resembles something from the pages of Gardeners World, there are things we can all do this weekend to help our gardens, wildlife and ourselves.  Sally’s blog last week about stress links quite nicely here as my own method of relieving stress is weeding… Sunday was spent weeding amongst the garlic and onions – the wet and warm weather most recently had given the weeds a boost.  After a few hours of work I had a patch clear of weeds, a satisfyingly achy back and a huge sense of achievement!

Due to the cold and snowy weather in South Wales during March we are seriously behind in our gardening jobs; both in our garden at home and at the allotment.  Ideally by now the hard work preparing the ground is done and we can start to enjoy the fruits of our labours, as the weather warms up planting out seedlings and bedding plants; safe in the knowledge that the last of the frosts is behind us.  Not so this year…

Things to do this weekend:

Mow the lawn

If it’s the first cut of the year make sure you don’t cut the grass too short, you can gradually cut shorter over the next few cuts.  Trimming the edges of the lawn will neaten it up further if you have time.


It doesn’t matter if you have managed to kill even the hardiest of plants from the garden centre, you’ll still be excellent at growing weeds.  Where possible try to avoid using weedkiller, ideally dig them out at the roots to prevent further growth.

Sow some veg seeds

There are lots of tasty treats that can be grown in containers or tubs if space is limited.  Lettuce and other salad leaves are ideal in window boxes.  Cutting them off as baby leaves when they are at their most tender gives you a great taste but also encourages the plant to continue to grow for picking over a week or so.  Carrots and potatoes planted into tubs or directly into bags of compost provide home grown veg at its best… easy to do yet the taste is so much better than shop bought alternatives.

May Flowers

It could be a bit of a gamble planting summer bedding this weekend, if we have any colder weather we might lose it; better to wait until the next Bank Holiday weekend to be on the safe side.  For a bit of colour in the garden this weekend choose shrubs or perennials (plants that grow for more than two years ) in full bloom.  Although considered a weed by some dwarf Buddleia plants are beautiful and can encourage butterflies and bees into your garden, giving nature a boost.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us all…

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