Be more Hobbit: An expected Journey

Hobbit Home

‘If More of Us Valued Home Above Gold, it Would be a Merrier World’ J RR Tolkien

We are self-confessed hobbits of housing. Yep we cried at the end of the film too.

There is nothing quite like it, a cosy home to call your own.  We don’t live in the Shire but we do our utmost to make sure that although temporary our homes are a sanctuary our tenants can feel safe and secure in.  A place to call their own for the 8 months they are with us.

Homelessness can feel like a bit of a quest for a lot of our tenants, generally speaking they have had months waiting in hostel accommodation, have been working with the housing options department and looking for private rented accommodation for weeks and it can be daunting.  We have a fellowship of housing professionals who work with our tenants to make sure the transition is as swift as possible.

When you think how stressful moving is and all the things that need to happen I am always encouraged by the tenacity of our tenants who all complete the process within our 48 hour time frame.

We work with our tenants and the council to ensure:

  • Referrals to Nu life or Boomerang recycling projects for people with no furniture
  • People are referred to have Discretionary Assistance Fund Applications for essential items.
  • utility accounts are set up
  • That tenant support is in place for those who need it
  • That money advice referrals are made for those needing budgeting assistance
  • That housing benefit / universal credit payments are set up to secure their housing.
  • That tenants are receiving the right benefits
  • That tenants receive Discretionary payments where hardship is experienced or tenants are effected by benefit cap.
  • That food bank vouchers are provided for those experiencing gaps in their income.
  • Referrals to Counselling
  • Referrals to Realise your Potential for those wanting assistance to gain qualifications or work experience.

And above all we work with Landlords who choose not to rent their property on the open market but to lease with us to help the housing crisis and ensure that those with need of housing have access to it through our scheme.   We for one love them for it!  If you would like to join the fellowship don’t trek through middle earth, drop us a line at

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