Bees, Ants and Fleas Oh My!


You can’t just click your heels and be rid of them. This is prime time of year for unwanted pests which can be stubborn to get rid of. There are lots of things you can do to prevent, treat and eradicate the problem. It is always important to know your enemy.



They are great at pollinating your garden as long as they are not in great numbers but can be a worry if you are allergic to their sting! What you will often find is that there are pest control companies that don’t offer a insecticide for bees. This is because they are protected due to the benefits they have to crops and wildlife. There are however bee keepers who can come out and move them on free of charge! With the help of Google you should be able to find a local bee keeper who will be happy to assist. If you have wasps then you can usually find a pest control company to eradicate them for a small fee. It’s also an idea to keep bins and food sources covered to not attract them in the first place.



Ants seem to love the British summer regardless of the weather. In general these can be fairly easy to get rid of with products you can buy in a supermarket or hardware store without having to pay for pest control to come out. Ants are attracted to food sources so it is advisable to store food appropriately in sealed containers and ensuring bins are emptied regularly.



Fleas breed like crazy in the hot weather so it doesn’t take long for them to take over your house. Flea bites in general you will see on your legs up to the top of your thigh. Firstly it is important to try and prevent them entering your home in the first place. Fleas will bite humans but their hosts are our loveable cats and dogs. It is advisable to flea treat  pets once a month regardless if you see fleas or not. This is usually a pipette that is applied to the back of the neck. Any fleas in the house will then be attracted to the pet and die when jumping on it. Be careful where you buy it though. It’s best to speak to your vet or pop in to your local pet shop then risk buying stuff online. If your property is suffering from a stronger infestation then professional pest control may be needed to treat your home. They do charge for this. They advise that the treatment is very effective despite fleas still being present after treatment. This is because the property needs human presence to lure the fleas out of their hiding spots so the poison can take affect!



Cockroaches can infest your property any time of year however the warm weather means they can thrive. They are mostly attracted to the food in the kitchen. They can often be carried into your home on food you buy. Particularly if you are bulk buying large quantities of food or are buying crates. You will often hear them as they come out at night as they scavenge for food. Keep all food covered and be vigilant with cleaning. You can buy sprays and traps from supermarkets or hardware shops however a more serious infestation will likely need to be tackled by a professional pest control company. This may be more expensive as they can be tricky to fully eradicate.


Unfortunately we cannot completely separate our homes from nature. However there are some little things you can do to help stop infestation as often the infestation is not the result of a disrepair issues. Simple tips like; keeping your food sealed in tuber ware, having a sealed lid on your bin, removing rubbish straight away, decluttering your home. These can help keep your home clean and critter free!

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