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Can you explain more about what Calon set out to achieve?

One of Cadwyn’s key aims is that people have access to well managed and maintained homes. In Calon we manage properties on behalf of landlords and we strive to ensure that they and our tenants receive an excellent service by providing full reactive repairs and comprehensive tenancy management services.

Many of our tenants have experienced difficult circumstances in relation to their previous housing and we aim to give them somewhere to live that is safe, secure and well maintained as well as being able to advise them on where they can access additional support.

What are Calon’s goals?

Calon’s goal is to help address the demand for housing in the areas we work in. We aim to do this by sourcing privately rented properties and working in partnership with the local authorities to let these properties to households who are the most in need.

Our vision is that most people who need support can go on to live happy and fulfilled lives. Helping them take the first steps to secure housing is an important start on their journey. We are proud to be associated with an organisation which puts this value into practice.

What are Calon’s plans for the future?

Calon will continue to source privately rented properties in Cardiff, Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil to assist in meeting the housing need in these areas. We will also support our tenants to get used to the changes through the Welfare Benefit reforms, especially Universal Credit.

By Calon managing properties for private landlords it means that they will not have to be involved in these benefits changes and will not require a licence under the new Rent Smart Wales legislation.

Why is Calon a success?

Last year we successfully managed over 500 tenancies. We have a well-established, experienced team who are committed to providing our tenants and landlords with an excellent service that includes no management or letting fees and guaranteed rent. Landlords tend to stay with us for several years which results in on-going temporary accommodation where it is needed and landlords who are happy with the service they receive. We also have strong partnerships with the local authorities and with our main contractor, CanDo Contractors

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