The Reality Series

The Reality Series – to evict or not to evict

Part of our role is regrettably evicting clients when requested by the local authority if they do not engage with the move on process from our temporary accommodation. We were asked to evict a single parent family with three small children as the mother had failed to engage with the council regarding her housing situation […]
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The Reality Series – When Ordinary Housing Is Not Enough

For those of you that deal with the general public you will know that not all people behave in the way that we would like them to. One client was causing massive anti-social behaviour to the neighbours living around her. This client had been moved because she was fleeing domestic violence. However, it was apparent […]
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The Reality Series – ‘Noise’ or ‘Norm’

This is the unscripted real life events and situations that Calon staff successfully manage on a daily basis. What would you do should you receive calls from a neighbour living in a block of flats complaining about noise nuisance? The neighbour had already spoken to the tenants about the noise but things weren’t improving.  When […]
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