Celebrating our Tin Anniversary!


Happy Tin anniversary to us! We are no tin pot organisation.  We have officially reached our 10th birthday!   We had a quick poll around the office on what makes a relationship last that long, the answer, patience, patience and patience!   Some other suggestions a good sense of humour and a willingness to try to make things better.   It’s clear that in our 10 years we have stood the test of time in a challenging and ever moving environment.

When we started out in 2009 it was 2 years after the financial crash, Cardiff was a letting market as property sales were steady but many landlords with investment properties still had an ability to cover the mortgage with a fair rent.

There was no welfare reform, no universal credit, no benefit cap, no bedroom tax and no rent smart wales.

Many landlords joined us back in 2009 and the scheme has grown consistently.  We are so grateful to the landlords who have stood by us through all this time.  Not only have they traversed the myriad of legislative changes and regulation updates but they have a real passion and commitment to providing housing for those most in need.

During our 10 years we have matured and grown into an award winning scheme, we have branched out to provide services in Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil.  We have put all our learning and knowledge into practice so that we can still continue to provide houses for homeless families and have helped consult with the Welsh Assembly on their launch of the private rented sector scheme so that we can share our learning.

So if you have not heard about us, here is little bit about what we have been doing for the last decade!

What we do?  Please Re-LEASE me, no we are not an Elvis tribute although that sounds like fun! We lease properties from socially minded landlords and pay a guaranteed rent so they don’t have to worry about daily tenancy management.  We have a lease where we cover responsive repairs so landlords get a hassle free service.  We put the Ease into Lease!

How? We make properties comfortable and safe with a dedicated voids team and when they are ready, we working with our local authority, sending them lists of available properties, (their homeless list is huge and more and more people are added to it every day)  they match those in need to what we have available and we take it from there.

Why? So that families don’t have to be housed in B&B’s and those who don’t need hostel accommodation support have a viable alternative which is conducive to family life.

Where?  All over Cardiff and some in Merthyr and Blaenau Gwent.  Part of what makes it work is that we have properties all over the city for people to be close to their family and support networks so that homelessness does not mean that family life is disrupted any more that it has to be

When? Right now we have provided over 3921 tenancies in our 10 years. Every month we house around 30 homeless families, that’s around 1 a day, every day, every week, and every month for 10 years.

So we still think we are doing a pretty good job, of course we have to roll with the times and adapt and change, improve our services so that we stay relevant and competitive as our environment brings new challenges. Of course no relationship can be really successful and stand the test of time without having a really understanding partner.  We are just lucky that in our 160 landlords we have found the perfect match.  We hope to serve them well as we head into our teen years!

So we would like to invite you to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with a donation of Tin! As a bit of a help to our tenants, many of whom rely on foodbanks at times of crisis we will be donating canned goods to our local foodbank.  Of course the Tin man did help Dorothy on her journey Home…. We hope our small donation will help towards making our tenants feel supported and comfortable in their Temporary Accommodation.  After all there’s no place like home.

Thank you to all our partners for making it possible!

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