Don’t leave us Empty Handed!

Empty Nest

‘Empty Glass’, ‘Empty Pockets’ ‘ Empty Words’  That’s right no one likes to see things empty!

It’s especially the case for us when we see empty homes.  We receive lots of calls from people looking for homes and it seems utterly senseless to them that they have an empty house in their street, block or road and a member of their family who is desperate for a home.

They are of course right.  It’s a massive waste of resource and utterly absurd for empty homes to stand vacant when there is such high levels of homelessness in our towns and cities.

However the causes are commonly complex, properties can need big investment to make them lettable again and with all the will in the world if the finances dry up it can be daunting to know where to start.   Large repairs can often become burdensome and escalate into even more costly works when left long term.   Others may stand vacant as owners fight legal battles or may get stuck as a result of inheritance problems.

Empty homes can have a negative impact on the community too as if properties fall into disrepair they can become a target for squatters, anti-social behaviour, and fly tipping and encourage pests.

That’s why we are working with our partners at Cardiff Council to get some empty properties back into use.

Last month we made six Council properties which were previously empty homes available for our homeless tenants.  The properties needed some extensive works to make them fit for occupation and so we worked with our contractors SG Commercial to get them up to standard.  We were able to turn them around in less than a month!  It just goes to show that with the right contacts and some knowledge it can be done!  It may be a small number but every little bit can make a difference. At a time of such high demand they are totally appreciated!   We are still housing on average 27 families a month and so these have come at the right time!

If you have an empty home then you can get some great information at or see if Leasing may be an option for you! Its National Empty Homes Week from the 15th to the 21st October so there is no time like the present!  Lets get them back to what they were always intended to be….. Lets bring it Home.