Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

We have been lucky enough to attend some recent training run by the Citizens Advice Bureau advising us of some of the more complex nuances to the rights of European Economic Area nationals.

As a social landlord we want to ensure we are giving everyone the same chance and treating everyone fairly and equally. In the case of EEA nationals we found in some area’s we were lacking in the advice were able to give as the regulation changes started to adversely effect some of our tenants. With the role out of Universal Credit in the Cardiff area, it became even more necessary for our Income team to gain an understanding of the rules and have a clear sense of signposting to ensure the right advice is given.

It may not surprise you to learn that the rules around entitlement for EEA nationals are indeed complex, nuanced and can depend on a number of factors. What was clear though is that EEA nationals, without a worker status granted after 12 months of continuous work, are limited in the help they are entitled to.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has a wealth of knowledge and understanding. With Brexit looking inevitable we are grateful to our colleagues at the CAB for their continued support and for providing a much needed drop in advice service at Cadwyn’s office on Mondays. This is an invaluable resource available to us, our Calon tenants and our wider Cadwyn family. We encourage anyone with any questions regarding their rights to contact me, your rent officer, or to pop in on a Monday and speak to the CAB for informal help and advice.

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