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Local Authorities - Calon

Calon has helped house over 2,900 families and individuals and assisted Cardiff Council in preventing B&B use in homelessness cases since 2009.

We are looking for more Local Authorities to work with.

We are experienced at managing temporary accommodation for homeless individuals and families and since 2009 have managed and delivered three successful temporary accommodation contracts, the biggest portfolio in Wales.

These innovative working partnerships are with Cardiff County Council, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council and Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council.

10 day void turnaround

High level of rent collection

Rent collected 96%

Housing unit numbers

  • Cardiff
  • Blaenau Gwent
  • Merthyr

Our success on these schemes is achieved through the development of close working relationships with the councils, private landlords and social landlords to procure the correct number, type and location of properties suitable for homeless families in line with Council requirements.  We offer our partners an attractive package with our specialist Service Level Agreement, Lease Agreements and by providing a broad spectrum of properties.  This includes a guaranteed rent scheme, a 24 hour repair service, a heating maintenance plan and a full management service.

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We would be delighted to discuss how we could assist in solving homelessness in your area

  • Taff Housing Association, Partner

    Taff Housing Association has worked with Calon for a number of years on the provision of temporary accommodation. We have consistently found them to be very responsive and professional when we have worked together on community safety and ASB.   They are always helpful and keen to tackle issues when they arise

  • Blaenau Gwent Council, Partner

    Calon has shown immense energy and enthusiasm to support  Blaenau Gwent Council, to meet local housing need, by delivering a private sector leasing solution that makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

  • United Welsh, Partner

    United Welsh are pleased to be working in partnership with Calon to deliver temporary accommodation solutions within Cardiff and Blaenau Gwent. Through working together we have been able to provide high quality accommodation and strong support to homeless households.

  • Cardiff Council, Partner

    The partnership with Cardiff Council and Calon has been invaluable this year in helping us to meet our homeless duties, providing good quality housing for our clients and allowing us to achieve an 8th year without using bed and breakfast accommodation.