Fire Safety Training and being aware of hazards

No Goblets of Fire in our Housing


I’m Helena, a Property Management Officer for Calon Residential Leasing.  Last week all the officers attended Fire Safety Training given by Thomas Carroll Management Services Limited.

Although initially thought of as a ‘dry’ subject (excuse the pun) it was very interesting and informative. It was a morning course but believe it or not, we could have talked about fire safety all day given the chance.

Legal Obligations

We have a duty of care to all tenants that are placed in our accommodation to ensure as best we can that they are not injured or killed by fire each year. As an employer, Calon has legal responsibilities under Health and Safety Legislation to take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of staff and others affected Calon’s acts or omissions.  Regulations and guidance are complex which is why regular updates from experts is so important.

Impact on Our Landlords

We discussed how Fire Safety Legislation impacted on landlords who lease their properties to us and how we can best support, educate and encourage our tenants to take reasonable steps to ensure that any fire risk is mitigated. Fire Risk Assessments are legally required to be supplied to us by all of our landlords who have communal areas in the properties that they lease to us.

Tackling the cause

Did you know that the biggest reason for domestic fires is in food preparation?   46% of fires are caused by cooking.   The perceptions of most people on the course were that most fires would be caused by faulty electrical appliance however only 14% of fires are from electrical hazards. Still a significant amount but reminded us to see every day chores as potentially hazardous.   Avoiding the use of deep fat fryers and cleaning extraction systems could assist in reducing these numbers. We learned about not overloading extensions cables and not leaving extension leads plugged in especially the wind-up ones.

Spreading the word

At Calon we actively engage with our tenants to educate them on not using extension leads, chips pans etc. to try and reduce the likelihood of any of the leased properties being damaged by fire. We also have zero tolerance with regards to clients leaving items in the communal areas of any flats that we lease.

Be Mindful

Fire can affect us all at some point in our lives, whether we are employees, landlords, tenants or employers. Following on from the training, I would encourage any person to check their property to see what they can do to reduce any risk of fire.