Our House – In the Middle of our Street


ET wanted to phone it, Dorothy said there is no place like it even Lassie made it there after a long old journey.  Yep its home…. It means so much to all of us.  It’s no surprise that it’s been the topic of so many films, songs and stories over the years.  Here is a few lines from the Private Sector Leasing Team on what home means to them:

‘I call two places home…the house I grew up in and where my parents still live is ‘home’ and the house I now live in is also ‘home’.  Home to me is a place I feel safe and secure and can fully relax, closing the door on the rest of the world’.

‘Home to me is where everyone is welcome and feels at ease, no need to take your shoes off when you arrive. Whether a brief visit or a longer staying guest, you need to take me and my home as we are. Start talking housework and you’ll be asked to leave. I’d of course love a tidy, minimalist home but with work and the gym getting in the way that’s not happened. So for me at present I love the lived in, relaxed look. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance…’

‘Home is my sanctuary! A place I can go and shut away the rest of the world!’

‘Home is a place of safety and security, filled with love, laughter, happy memories  and far too many nic-naks I can’t bear to get rid of!’

‘Ahhhhh Imp home, Its where I can be myself, no judgement here.  It’s my safe place, warm and welcoming,  Put the kettle on, kick off the heels, cwtches with the cats, rest and recharge ready for the next day.’

In our day and age, we take it for granted, we live in a developed nation with plenty all around us but some don’t have that experience.  It’s a human need to have a safe place to call your own.  Sadly we work with families and individuals who for various reasons don’t have that sanctuary.

Our Property Management Officer Helena put it quite nicely, ‘safe, secure and clean homes matter, It may only be a  temporary accommodation but without it there would be more rough sleepers, sofa surfers and children not knowing where they’re sleeping from one day to the next’

So while we work with customers at a real crux point in their lives where they are feeling vulnerable, alone, unsafe and insecure, we are putting the home back into homeless people’s lives.  What a privilege to be able to make such a difference!  After working in homelessness for 9 years it’s important not to lose sight of that.   We cannot do it alone and are dependent upon all our marvellous landlord partners who decide to put their properties with us so that we can give someone that nice feeling of coming home …. A home run!

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