Practically Perfect Partners – In Every Way

Perfect Partners

Just a year ago we started working with a new contractor to complete our re-let works on our temporary accommodation stock.

What were we looking for? 

Top of the list; value for money, experienced workforce, high standards and local.  Each time one of our properties are empty it costs circa £1500 to get it back into a ready to let standard.  What we do is pretty bespoke, that’s why when we started working with a local company who understood what we needed and had the passion to grow its workforce to cut our void times; we knew we were onto a winner.

Forward a year

Through the inevitable teething adjustments as we each learned each other’s processes and requirements we are on a good track.  What has it meant?  It’s meant that we have been able to reduce the overall time our properties sit vacant while trade work is completed from 12 down to 5.  That’s over half, meaning that our properties are available that much faster and we are able to place people in much needed homes when they need it.

Our Reward?

Well it’s getting to know who we work with and working with a company that has the same values as us.  It was really heart-warming to hear how they started, from taking on their family cleaning business when mum came up for retirement, growing into a business that employs a workforce of trades covering all manner of works from flooring, electrical, plumbing and carpentry.  And to top it all off, working with like-minded professionals who have helping people at their core.

What they would not like us to tell you!

One of the team shared a short story with us at our last meeting after the conversation turned to what motivates them.  After working on one of our properties they spotted a tenant with a young child just outside one of our houses, it was coming up to Christmas and they were moved to give a gift.  Not only that they wanted to invest their time and take the tenant shopping, pay for her to have a food order, cleaning supplies and a few treats and presents.  What that meant? they treated her as a friend for the day, chatting over a coffee about their growing children and the usual normal things.

What more could we ask of a partner?  After all that is all we all want – to create homes, connections and communities.  Whats nicer than bring a bit of friendship and kindness to the day job!

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