Tips on coping in the Great British Summer! Not something we thought we would ever have to think about!

Some like it Hot!


Feeling Hot Hot Hot

So we are all enjoying the Great British Summer, it’s definitely been a belter!  However after reading about difficulties homeless people are facing as a result of the heatwave and people suffering with heatstroke and dehydration staff have been sharing tips on how to manage in these long sunny days!

I’m Slim Shady!

Close your curtains in daylight, yep it looks odd, but we’re not hiding anything, closing the curtains means rooms stay nice and shady and won’t heat up so much with the glare of the sun.  Although it’s good to get some airflow through the house, remember to close the windows when you pop out as reported burglaries increase in hot weather with opportunist theft on the rise in summer-time.

Sunscreen super saver!

Sunscreen, yep it’s pretty obvious but we have definitely seen some ‘bibs of shame ’ around the office with people forgetting to top up sunscreen on busy days out and about.  Our staff drive all around Cardiff and when we’re busy it’s just say to forget those rays penetrate even the Calon pool cars.

Water Water Everywhere

Keep hydrated! Ever the important question, ‘whose round is it?’ Make sure to keep drinking lots of water as you can get super dehydrated in no time in these temperatures.  Staff have been freezing squash in old plastic bottles for a refreshing cool drink on your desk.  If you have a lovely Chief Exec like ours they may even buy you ice lolly’s to keep you going!

Our Furry Friends

Remember your pets; some staff have been wetting a towel with cold water for their pooches to lie on. We feel hot, imagine being in a fur coat! Probably best to keep walkies to cooler parts of the day too and remember flea infestations hit a spike in the summer so remember to treat your pampered pets.

Cool Communities

Look out for the vulnerable in this weather.  The very young and elderly are more prone to dehydration and heatstroke can cause lots more complications to our more vulnerable family, friends and neighbours.  Our homeless population really struggle in the heat,  its difficult finding shade, having access to water and skin conditions are common due to lack of sun protection.  If you are able, please help by donating sun hats, sunscreen or even giving out bottled water to a homeless person.  The Wallich work daily with our homeless communities so would be a great place if you want to donate to an agency.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the school holidays, creating all the memories for those su-UU-mer NiiiiiIIIGHts!

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