The Reality Series – ‘Noise’ or ‘Norm’

The reality series Noise

This is the unscripted real life events and situations that Calon staff successfully manage on a daily basis.

What would you do should you receive calls from a neighbour living in a block of flats complaining about noise nuisance? The neighbour had already spoken to the tenants about the noise but things weren’t improving.  When visiting the complainant the noise could be heard quite clearly by us which was excessive. The tenants did not understand that the amount of noise that they were making was interfering with the peace of others living in the vicinity. They advised that they spoke to each other in raised voices daily but thought that this was the ‘norm’.

One option was to evict the family but then the council would have no further duty to house them and finding alternative housing in Cardiff would be extremely difficult. There were also two children in the household. The other option would be to try and work with the family to reduce the noise level to an acceptable level. However, when speaking to the couple, there was still little acknowledgement that they had done anything wrong and they thought that everyone spoke like this.

As we knew that the relationship with the neighbours had broken down and was irreparable and there was a high likelihood that further complaints would be received, we set about looking at a solution. We are aware that many of the flats in Cardiff were built in the 60’s and 70’s and there is little if no soundproofing so noise travels easily.

We decided that we would invite them into the office to discuss our concerns with a view to moving them into a house rather than a flat.

We asked Housing Option to attend the meeting so that the seriousness of the situation was stressed to them from a local authority point of view. We went through an Acceptable Behaviour Contract with them which set out or expectations going forward. Failure to adhere to the terms of this or any other agreement with us would result in them loosing their property.  After a long conversation they were then signed up to their new temporary accommodation.

By us all working together and looking outside the box,  we have stopped a family becoming street homeless which would have resulted in the family more than likely being split up, the children taken into Social Services care until further housing was found by the parents.

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