The Reality Series: Preparing for Independent Living

Building Independence

We were contacted by a local authority that we work in partnership with to see if we could come up with a plan to assist a client that was ready to move from a step-down facility. They were awaiting more permanent accommodation to be allocated but this was a few months away.

This client had been in hospital for a number of weeks due to poor mental health. When they were well enough, they were discharged into a ‘step-down’ facility. This had 24 hour on site support where clients are retaught life skills of cooking, cleaning, budgeting and looking after a home. This step down facility is available for only 8 weeks. Unfortunately, some people loose life skills when they have been mentally unwell.

Initially we were concerned that our accommodation was not set up to house a client with such high support needs. Calon is not a supported accommodation scheme and was set up to house people with low risk to themselves or others.

We were assured by professionals that this client had done so well and that by them staying at the step-down facility would hinder their progress as they wanted the client to become more independent whilst waiting for permanent housing.  We worked with the local authority housing department, social services, tenancy support services and other mental health groups to ensure that all the necessary support was in place.

It is pleasing to report that this client has now moved on successfully to permanent housing and we are more than happy to offer her a glowing reference!


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