The Reality Series – When Ordinary Housing Is Not Enough

The reality Series when ordinary housing is not enough

For those of you that deal with the general public you will know that not all people behave in the way that we would like them to.

One client was causing massive anti-social behaviour to the neighbours living around her. This client had been moved because she was fleeing domestic violence. However, it was apparent in the first weeks that there was a lot going on in the household that we were not aware of.

We were receiving near enough daily complaints of young people back and forth the property at all hours, blocking the communal entrances with items so that in the event of a fire, escape routes were compromised.  There were fights outside the property, people drunk and taking drugs and general unwanted anti-social behaviour.

After speaking to the client daily and her attending meetings in our office, it was apparent that she was neither coping nor taking head of our warnings. However, we had a duty to the neighbours to ensure that we dealt with the issues as expeditiously as we could.  We immediately issued an eviction notice and contacted Housing Options to inform them of the situation.

It then came to light that she had been allowing people in to use her property as she felt that she had no option. There was no family support or friends that were guiding her to make the right choices and she was living day to day with no control or understanding over the decisions that she was making. There was also a big number of Adverse Childhood Experiences that we felt were contributing to her lifestyle.

Calon worked with Housing Options and Nightingale Hostel to come up with a plan. We knew that by us evicting her she would end up street homeless and be around the people that had no concern for her well-being.  But we also knew that we had to resolve the anti-social behaviour issues.

Thankfully a place was found for her in Nightingale Hostel where she is settling in and learning to make the correct decisions with the assistance of the support workers, which will benefit her and her child in the long run.

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