Careers in housing

What do you want to be when you grow up? Helena our Property Housing Officer tells all.

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Who would have said that in my mid 40’s (ok late 40’s) that I’d be working in housing? Well definitely not me! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say ‘I want to be a housing officer when I grow up’ and I certainly didn’t say that. I wanted to join the army but that just didn’t happen due to one thing or another.

Insurance and banking were my first jobs which lasted about 12 years. A job came up with a support provider that was near to where I lived so I took the plunge, froze my pension, ditched the share save and profit share and delved into a supporting/housing environment and I’ve never looked back.

On the one side it can be very challenging, upsetting, emotional, frustrating and heart breaking, but on the other it can be uplifting, brilliant, satisfying and heart-warming. You can cry with despair and cry with laughter.

No two days are the same so you never get bored. You also meet some fantastic people to work with that have the same values as you and just want to help people.

Why housing as a career is not pushed more in careers offices or schools is a mystery to me but I can certainly recommend it!

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