Who lives in a house like this?


Through the keyhole!

It was a popular show in the early 90’s and re-vamped by Keith Lemon in more recent years.  It seems we have always liked taking a peep into people’s homes and seeing how the rich and famous live.  Which got us thinking about the perceptions we have about how others of us live?  So who do you think lives in a house like this?

This is one of our temporary accommodation properties after one of our homeless tenants moved in.  They were delighted!  A lot of our tenants have spent months either in hostel accommodation, in cramped conditions living with extended family or in private rented accommodation which is being sold.   Its sometimes a fresh start after a long and stressful process.

There is a perception that homelessness only affects those who have had a turn of bad luck.  That they have somewhere down the line made bad choices, bad decisions and bad luck follows.  In our experience, this is just not the case.  Out of interest I reviewed the last 100 referrals we accepted to see if there was any commonality of cause for the problems our homeless tenants were facing, the results were what we expected, a mix of reasons.

Here is what I found about the reasons some of our tenants had become homeless:

Affordability 12
Families joining10
Ill health3
domestic abuse21
landlords selling11
mortgage repossession2
Property Works7
Prison Leaver2

Cardiff’s housing demands and needs are multi-faceted.  In March 2018 20% of our tenants were working families.  We house ex-army personnel, carers, mums, former home owners, cleaners, mechanic’s, nurses, office and call centre workers just to name but a few.  All walks of life can be affected by homelessness.  A recent article,, highlighted that it’s increasingly difficult to get onto the property ladder, as a result the norm has become to rent.  It therefore follows that with rental prices increasing and limited access to housing stock when families face affordability problems, welfare changes and the changing job market more and more people are facing homelessness.

We have housed 940 families in the financial year 2017 to 2018; however with demand likely to increase we are in high need of more accommodation.  Our landlords help us fill some of this need but we are always looking for more.  Our landlords make an incredible difference to the journey of a homeless person.    Our temporary accommodation properties all across the city ensure that the local authority have a good mix of areas, type and sized accommodation to fit all the varying family needs of our homeless tenants.  It gives our tenants the opportunity to access accommodation quickly in a time of high need close to their support networks so they can continue to raise their families, work and live in the city they are from.  Sometimes the temporary accommodation houses are so good our tenants do not want to leave!

Without Temporary Accommodation, local authorities are forced to utilise expensive bed and breakfast to house homeless families.  Any family would tell you how hard this is to manage family life.  Since the TA scheme started Cardiff Council have not had to use B&B’s, meaning that homeless families get their own front door and a comfortable home to raise their children, giving stability and routine to families and communities.   Our private sector landlords play a pivotal role in allowing us to do this.

If you want to rent out your property but want more than a steady income but a chance to make a real difference to hundreds of local families, then please consider our scheme for your next investment opportunity.  We know plenty of people who would thank you for it!!

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