Why we do what we do? Property Management Officer, Sophie, on how she got into a career in Housing


Working in Housing wasn’t an automatic choice when thinking about my career path at a young age. After finishing my undergraduate degree I had mostly been working in customer service jobs. Early on I had decided I wanted to work with people but more particularly I wanted to help people who most needed it. I had started looking for volunteer placements which included Women’s Aid and working with children’s groups.

After gaining some experience I started to focus my attention on working with homelessness. I worked in the Big Issue providing support to the vendors in South Wales and following that I worked in a homeless hostel supporting vulnerable homeless families. My experience working in a supported housing environment expanded my skills and knowledge on welfare reform and housing management. I found that my skills were more suited in a more practical environment (which housing certainly is!) so I moved over to the Private Sector Leasing team here in Cadwyn where I was more able to use these skills.

I like being able to problem solve and help find the best possible outcome for tenants. Working in Housing in both rewarding and challenging. Every day is different and there are always new problems to solve. In Housing you have the opportunity to help people with a wide variety of matters that impact day to day life. What I enjoy the most is seeing tenants who have been through the homelessness process come out the other side and get settled in their permanent home. Any help that we provide to that tenant in that process is always incredibly  rewarding and is major reason why I continue to work in Housing today.

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