You’ll never run/walk alone!

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It’s easy in this day and age to feel that community is broken.  Every day there is some new atrocity, crime or scandal in the news which can cause us to think that the world we live in is a fearful place and people more than ever are feeling isolated and alone.  Bad things seem to happen all the time.  We wanted to do something good!

We signed up in April 2018 to run the Cardiff half to raise cash for a homeless charity.   We have been working in homelessness for 9 years and we see first-hand the effects of homelessness on the families we house.   The Wallich seemed a good fit for our chosen charity, they do great work not just with outreach to get people off the streets but also working to support people so they keep off the streets, helping people develop skills and ultimately prevent further homelessness.

Race day dawned and we were all feeling nervous.  When we started to make our way over to the pens, the streets were crowded and everyone was buzzing with trepidation and excitement.  It was time to do the deed, when we looked around you could see all the different charity shirts runners were wearing and we were struck by the amazing effort all these runners were going to, all raising money for such worthwhile causes.   As if that wasn’t enough, the people lining the streets!  There were hundreds all around the 13.1 miles, all taking time out of their busy lives just to shout words of encouragement, clap, stomp, ring bells and hoot to show their camaraderie.

We were really proud to have done our small bit to contribute to such a worthwhile cause.  So far we have raised £672.00 with people still donating! Just goes to show obviously community is not broken it is alive and kicking, sweating, running, cheering, supporting and donating.  Glad to have been part of it, Thank-you Cardiff

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